Mrs. Universe 2021-2022

Lynelle DeRoo Marcos (California)

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Your Mrs. Universe is a wife, health professional, entrepreneur,
and mom to two furry rescues.
Lynelle is founder, author and speaker of Brush for Life, Inc., a
company with a mission to further impact and improve health
world-wide. Her trademarked Brush for Life® techniques for oral
care enhances the methods of oral hygiene taught in dental
universities and governmental agencies through lifestyle
modification recommendations to reduce disease and slow aging.
Her enthusiasm for speaking about oral health and the springboard
to whole body health, has been shared on three oceans and three
For nearly all her life Lynelle has served in some capacity of
the dental field. Her father, a dentist, kept her out of trouble
after school at the age of 12 by having her work in his office.
Her mother, who took care of the front desk and billing, had her
doing simple chores until she was 14. Henry and Llewella DeRoo
decided she should contribute to the revenue by taking x-rays. So
she was sent to Loma Linda University, enrolled in the summer
radiology program for out of country dentists needing state
licensure, and got her license. At 16 her mother sat with her on
the lawn swing in the back yard, drilling her on dental assisting
licensing materials out of  a 4 inch thick syllabus. Lynelle
passed on her first try. At 18 she obtained her training and
certificate for polishing teeth.
After graduating from Loma Linda University, Lynelle immediately
asked her dad about going into dentistry. “I’m anxious for you to
get on with your life” he said with tears in his eyes. She took
that as a “no” and plugged away at dental hygiene. “The problem,”
she has said, “is that you have very intelligent women admitted
into a rigorous program and then given a very repetitive task to
do. There’s no challenge!”
In an effort to mix things up a bit, Lynelle took modeling
classes, only to learn she was 1” too short for the minimum.
Moving to Oakland, she had a custom wedding dress business in the
San Francisco Bay area, and commuted to “the city,” honing her
skills of teaching patients how to brush. On her 40th birthday,
she took a cruise and was asked to work in a magic show full
time. For a year and a half she traveled all over the world as
the “girl in the box,” working 1-2 nights a week, and enjoying
the life of a passenger the rest of the time. Even aboard ships,
her love for teaching didn’t wane. She video taped a series of
educational shows for the ship’s cctv (just for the crew). Crew
members would meet her in the hallways below deck, and say, “I
flossed today!” or “I think of you every time I brush!”
But she very badly wanted a garden, a dog, and a home. So while
on an Alaska run, she returned to California.
Three years later she moved to Virginia, adopted an 11 year old
yellow Labrador, and proudly visited convalescent homes with him
as a trained and certified Delta Society pet therapy canine. She
did custom order wedding cakes using royal icing as her father
and grandfather had done. The latter was a professional pastry
chef for a Canadian hotel.
While in Virginia, she decided her method of brushing instruction
needed to reach more people than one patient at a time, three or
four days a week. She met with a group of retired business men
who mentor up-and-coming entrepreneurs a patient told her about.
The first thing one of them said, was, “When I land on your
website, what will there be for me to buy?” Lynelle had never
thought of that. “It’s just information,” she declared. “Well, I
will want to buy something!” he emphasized. Thus began her
journey to develop a business that would both educate and provide
supporting products.
In her quest to launch this idea, an unscrupulous internet
marketer took advantage of her naiveté and earnest desire to help
others. After this experience, she determined to learn how to do
it all herself. From website creation, Facebook ads, book
writing, product launching, sponsorship, copy writing, product
creation, videography, lighting, internet marketing, and all that
those things entail—to public speaking. It was equivalent to
investing in another whole college degree program, but self-
Her dreams are big…but her vision is bigger.
In 2016 Lynelle trademarked her SMILE System for Brushing® and
Brush For Life®. In June 2021 she hired an overseas media team.
As of September 2021 she signed on a three year contract with a
U.S. marketer to assist in growing her business reach and global
Her business, Brush for Life, Inc. aims to make a positive global
impact on immunity through oral health. November of her reign in
2021, will find her in Kenya, Africa, as a dental health speaker
to fellow colleagues on a safari, and volunteer in a free clinic.
This will be the first of many trips to foreign countries to
change the way the world brushes.
In April 2009 she moved back to Lancaster to take care of her
ailing mother. Under Lynelle’s care, in just a matter of a few
weeks, her mother, who had been on hospice, was up, walking and
talking. One night in July, the two of them were attending an
evangelistic meeting at a large theater, sitting in the same row
as the Marcos family who attended the same church as the Deroo’s
for many years. Perry Marcos came (late) at his mother’s behest,
and sat several rows behind the family. He was to meet a nurse
she wanted to set him up with. But he spotted and recognized Mrs.
Deroo and then saw Lynelle. When the event was over, he
approached her and said nothing…just waited. She looked at him
quizzically, eventually realizing he was expecting her to
recognize--him from THIRTY YEARS earlier. Once she did, he was
pleased and she was excited. They married three years later in
Hawaii, his brother performing the wedding.
Lynelle finally did buy a home, in 2010.  She now resides in
Lancaster, California with her husband, Perry, whom she has known
since they were both 3 years old. They were in the same grade,
and attended the same Christian elementary/prep school for nine
years. They have a rescue dog and cat, Kobe, a Cane Corso, and
Maya, a beautiful Calico.
Lynelle was recently crowned Mrs. Universe 2021-2022 and will
crown her successor in Las Vegas in July 2022. In addition to her
work as a clinical dental hygienist, speaker and entrepreneur,
Lynelle  frequently volunteers her expertise as a clinician and
speaker annually at free clinic events across the United States
and abroad.
Mrs. Universe’s ability to inspire others to reach their highest
potential and beyond—has earned her VIP Woman of the Year by
National Association of Professional Women. Her experience and
network provide the resources to influence and impact many lives.
She is both honored and humbled to represent and influence women
all over the world.

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